Each Mother’s Day, the Susquehanna Valley community comes together to hold its annual Make-A-Wish Truck Convoy, a 26-mile event that helps raise money for critically ill children in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Hunter Truck – Lancaster is a proud participant of the event, and this year featured Peterbilt’s newest Model 589.

make a wish convoy


Since 1990, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has held a Mother’s Day Truck Convoy throughout Philadelphia, Delaware, and Susquehanna Valley. It all began when a boy named Matt Strawser wanted to ride in a big truck and talk to his sister on the CB radio. A Make-A-Wish board member in the trucking industry reached out to several companies who were willing to donate trucks and drivers who could give Matt a ride. 44 trucks showed up and the Make-A-Wish Convoy was born.


This event is a celebration to honor wish recipients, their families, and the hundreds of truck drivers to have helped raise millions of dollars over the past 35 years. The money raised from this event helps the Make-A-Wish Foundation grant wishes for children that are critically ill.

This Mother’s Day marked the 35th anniversary of the convoy. Historically Hunter Truck has been a part of the convoy, Larry Siegler previously drove a truck in the convoy before his retirement. Now, Jim Weimer, Service Foreman at Hunter Truck – Lancaster took on the mantle and takes part. He was reminded by his daughter that he promised her a ride in a truck. This sparked his decision to participate in the Make-A-Wish Convoy for 2024. His goal was to represent Hunter Truck and raise money in his community.


Tim Weimer with the Peterbilt 589

“I believe that it is important for Hunter Truck to show its support for such an amazing organization, and event, right in our backyard. Hunter Truck sponsored customers participating in the convoy, and I wanted to represent our family, so we started a fundraising campaign,” said Tim on why joining the convoy was important to him.



589 at the make a wish convoy





The truck registration fee for the convoy is $100, but Tim, his friends, family, and colleagues at Hunter Truck helped him raise over $1,400. Tim and his daughter, Emily, brought Peterbilt’s new Model 589 to shine in the convoy. Throughout the event, Tim and Emily handed out Hunter Truck swag to those attending the event.




Tim with the 589 prior to the convoyPrior to the start of the convoy, Tim got to meet some of the Make-A-Wish children and even see some wishes fulfilled to local children. This Make-A-Wish campaign raises the funds to grant nearly 75% of the wishes in the Susquehanna Valley. The event concluded with the convoy which was 26 miles long and was lined with hundreds of people smiling and waving as the trucks passed by.

The first convoy raised $8,000. Since then, over 11,000 trucks have driven in the convoy, and more than $9.2 million has been raised. The money has helped to grant more than 920 wishes for children in the Susquehanna Valley over 34 years.


589 at the mothers day convoy


We are proud of Tim Weimer for not only raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but also representing Hunter Truck!


For more information on the Make-A-wish Foundation, visit: https://wish.org/