Our Electric Vehicle solutions cater to the varied needs of our customers while addressing the collective environmental imperative for zero emissions.


Our mission is to build long-term relationships by providing excellent products and services that reflect value, integrity, and teamwork. Being true to that mission today demands recognizing the importance of reducing emissions and promoting sustainability. Hunter Truck is committed to honoring our core mission while helping our customers navigate their transition to zero-emissions transportation.


The Peterbilt Model 579EV is a zero-emissions solution designed for regional haul and drayage applications, in part because the frequent starts and stops engage the regenerative braking reducing brake pad wear and extending operating range. The Model 579EV has all the features of the Model 579, including aerodynamic benefits, driver comforts, superior visibility, spacious interior, and safety measures. The Peterbilt Model 579EV features a battery-electric system that provides efficient operation and lower overall maintenance for environmentally conscious customers.


The Peterbilt Model 520EV is a zero-emissions commercial and residential refuse solution. It shares many exterior features with the Model 520 and is available in all four driving configurations. Instead of an engine, the 520EV is powered by batteries that drive the e-axles and regenerative braking is utilized to recharge the batteries during each stop, maximizing the 520EV’s range


The Peterbilt Model 220EV is a zero-emissions solution designed for pickup and delivery, regional hauling, and food and beverage. It features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability, and a spacious interior for driver comfort and productivity. The electric powertrain includes a midship mounted electric drive motor and thermally controlled battery packs.

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