Launched in the summer of 2022, Peterbilt Motors Company announced the release of a limited-edition Model 389- the 389X. This special model celebrates the iconic status of the 389 and its quality craftsmanship, but in a new, bold, and distinctive special edition.

Black Peterbilt Model 389x

The Peterbilt Model 389 speaks to heritage and class for highway trucks. The 389X embodies those features, but with new bold styling and bright exterior features. This special edition model includes a highly polished hood crown surrounding a classic-style, 1939 Peterbilt- inspired louvered grille sheet.

Known for their long hoods, the 389X features a brightly polished centerline trim, exclusive side-hood chrome accents and polished hood fenders. The Peterbilt 389X also features ambient lighting added to the air cleaners and rockers that gives the truck a never-before-seen presence on the road. Some other bright features on this special edition Peterbilt include- cowl skirts, battery box, fuel tanks, sun visor, bumper and seven-inch chrome exhaust stacks.

Black Peterbilt 389x hood

The badging on the truck is another aspect that makes the 389X unique. The mudflaps, cab, and sleeper are marked with 389X exterior badges. Each truck will have a numbered badge that represents the truck’s position in the build sequence. Peterbilt will release 1,389 units of the Model 389X.

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