The Hunter Truck Safety Team took great pleasure in presenting the 2022 Safety awards over the first few weeks of 2023. Each recipient that was recommended by their safety committee members not only received an award, but also was presented with the new Hunter Truck Safety Team Challenge Coin.

While this token of appreciation may be small, it kicks off a larger newly presented program that will allow the Safety Team to continually recognize those that go above and beyond for the safety of everyone at Hunter Truck.

The Hunter Challenge coin features the logo of the Hunter Truck Safety committee, safety slogan provided by our slogan contest winner, Sarah Fiorentino, and the nine hazard pictograms used to identify hazards in the workplace.

Our Safety Director, Tom Butts, always keeps safety at Hunter Truck at the helm of his responsibilities. As a Navy Veteran, Tom sought the Hunter Truck Safety Team Challenge Coin because of its similarities to special coins given to members of the U.S. Military to symbolize unit identity and esprit de corps. These long-standing traditions began as far back as the Civil War and World War I. During the Vietnam War, inspired by the tradition, Special Forces minted their own coins to express their unique identity. From there, unit coins spread throughout the military as a symbol of pride. Similarly, Tom wanted these Safety coins to show and honor members of Hunter Truck that are always aiming to keep the job safe.

Here at Hunter Truck, the challenge never stops. The recipients of the challenge coin are encouraged to be carried with them always to remind them of the importance of the group and the importance of their recognition. The challenge can come into play in many ways, but more often when groups gather, they can challenge each other by ‘coining.’ The groups’ unique coin is pulled to challenge all in the group to display their own coins; whoever has them on them might be rewarded. It is most important that the challenge coin is always carried with the recipient to remind them of the importance of the group and the importance of their recognition.


Check out our video to see all of the Inaugural Hunter Truck Safety Challenge Coin Recipients!